Chapter 48 - Dekan's Elective Course
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 48 - Dekan's Elective Course

Today is another hopeful day because it's Friday again.

After finishing the Shadow World on Monday, taking a day off on Tuesday, submitting a report on Wednesday, and going for an association exam on Thursday, it has been a very eventful week for Dekan.

There was about three weeks before he could enter another Shadow World. Dekan needed to set aside some time to acquire some tier 3 cards for himself and Cornelia. It's time to create a tier 3 summoning card and update the Poisonous Spikes.

Additionally, he can also craft a tier 3 weapon card with higher durability for Cornelia. However, before all that, on this Friday, there's a class that Dekan has been looking forward to.

Dekan was determined to study well.

After attending trial classes during the past two weeks, he ultimately chose two electives: Medicine(1) and Pharmacology(2).

Hevenlit Magic Academy employed a flexible application mechanism for elective courses. Considering that every student has different talents and backgrounds, it's possible to be exempted from prerequisite courses if sufficient evidence was provided.

The prerequisites for Pharmacology(2) were Herbology (1) and Pharmacology(1).

Dekan provided enough evidence of his pharmacological work to the course director and was allowed to directly enroll in Pharmacology(2).

As for why Dekan is studying Medicine, let's put that aside for now. His motives were quite intriguing.

After the mandatory morning class, Dekan and Cornelia went their separate ways. Dekan has Pharmacology(2) in the afternoon, so he can't go to the library with Cornelia.

However, Cornelia knows that Dekan has class in the afternoon, so she doesn't plan to go to the library either.

Dekan noticed that Cornelia was heading towards the back of the mountain again. This time, he became genuinely curious. He decided he'll follow her and see what's going on next time.

Dekan also noticed that Cornelia's mood seemed to be a bit low today. Even though her expression was quite neutral, her eyes spoke volumes. It was possible that D

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