Chapter 3 - Dekan Embarks On A Journey
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 3 - Dekan Embarks On A Journey

As the leaves scattered in the fall, layers of gold started to cover the Kuran Frontier.

There was still roughly a month before the new school year. Dekan and Theresia prepared to set out from the frontier.

The journey to the capital would take roughly a week by carriage.

Actually, one only needed to arrive for the entrance exam held two weeks before the start of the school year. However, if one were to try to arrive too close to the time limit, there would be a massive queue lined outside the capital from people coming to the entrance exam. The wealthy and nobles would even fight over their spot in the line.

Waiting in line was truly a waste of time.

Moreover, Dekan wanted to reach the capital early to do other things. As such, he decided to depart for the capital in haste.

"Little Dekan, you have all grown up!"

Seeing her son off, Dekan’s mother burst into tears.

"Son, make sure to hold yourself back when you get into conflicts with others in the capital. Don’t think about using those lousy cards of yours all the time! Think about your big neighbor next door, he’s completely messed up, somewhat delirious even, after being beaten by you."

Dekan’s father couldn't hide his prideful expression but his words were full of worry for Dekan.

There were many adventurers in the village who have been tortured by Dekan.

He was extremely worried that Dekan would be sent to the capital’s prison before he would even graduate.

Dekan nodded his head in an ‘okay, I got it,’ manner. However, that only made his father even more worried.

"Make sure to not use your magic cards in school. Especially [Hypnotic Gas], [Extremely Poisonous Nail] and [Hydrogen Explosion]. Also your summons and equipment; you’ll be deemed as an Evil Cultist if you use them!" entrusted Dekan’s father repeatedly.

"Don’t worry, don’t worry, I know how to hold myself back now! That aside, I left 30 gold coins in the counter drawer." Dekan smiled helplessly.

"Have a safe journey!"

"I'm off."

After saying goodbye, Dekan got into the carriage.

In the future, Dekan will live a dormitory life at the academy.

The tuition and miscellaneous fees were all paid for by the kingdom. There was practically nothing that students had to pay. Furthermore, they would gain access to the academy’s advanced facilities and resources for free. That was also what Dekan valued the most.

To him, earning a gold coin doesn’t mean that he truly earned a gold coin.

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