Chapter 2 - Dekan Decides To Become Rich
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 2 - Dekan Decides To Become Rich

Theresia blinked, her mouth agape like a small hole.

"How old are you?"


Dekan answered unenthusiastically.

This made Theresia even more surprised, Dekan was a year younger than her!

Fifteen year old tier 2 magic card makers were very common in the Hevenlit Magic Academy. It could even be said that they’re the baseline for standards.

However, most of the rookie card makers in the Hevenlit Magic Academy were only capable of creating [White Common] grade magic cards!

Card grade largely reflected the strength and value of the card as well as the skill level of the maker.

If a rookie card maker could create [Blue Uncommon] magic cards, they would be deemed to be extraordinarily talented.

As for Dekan, the batch of Goblin Gangsters he made were all Blue Uncommon!

It was as if Blue Uncommon was his baseline!

When a card reaches [Purple Rare] grade, their cost begins to increase exponentially. They were simply unaffordable for ordinary people.

That was also the reason why the Goblin Sheriff card ended up costing all of Thearesia's budget.

For the wealthy nobles and those with power, Purple grade cards would often compose the core of their decks.

As for the next level in rarity, the [Orange Epic] cards, they were seen as the highest level card for most people and were like symbols far in the horizon.

For cities and villages located in the border, they would likely never witness a holder of an Epic card.

Even for the Hevenlit Magic Academy, not many of their professors possess an Epic card.

As for the highest rarity [Red Legend] cards, they exist almost only in legends. Most people weren’t even sure if they truly exist in this world.

A fifteen year old tier 2 card maker that could make Purple Rare cards was completely different from an ordinary fifteen year old tier 2 card maker!

Generally, only those tier 4 or 5 card makers would be able to make tier 1 or 2 Rare cards.

There was no doubt that Dekan was a true genius.

As for the cards that Dekan made, if one must describe them, they were extremely weird.

Those cards were capable of easily disrupting everything.

He must have a unique production method and skills to create those outrageous cards.

Theresia swallowed her saliva and asked tentatively: "By the way, do you still have any more magic cards for sale? I want the ones you made!"

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