Chapter 1 - There’s Definitely Something Wrong With This Card!
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 1 - There’s Definitely Something Wrong With This Card!

“Jingle~ Jingle~”

With a melodious jingle, the old shop door was pushed open.

It was a classic convenience store. However, one could see the meticulous maintenance from the owner all over the store.

The simple layout divided the store into several areas. Apart from the counter, there were several neat shelves. Together with the cold breeze unique to the autumn evening of the kingdom’s border region, the orange sunset penetrated into the store and dyed the wooden infrastructure a layer of warm hue.

The visitor was a young woman. She was wearing a silvery-white military uniform. It was different from the regular military uniform. It seemed more like a reserve officer’s uniform, the ones worn by students.

The uniform wasn’t able to hide the young woman’s figure. Long violet-blue hair flowed past her shoulders. She exuded an aura of grace and refinement.

Behind the counter, Dekan was lounging lazily in a chair.

He had elf-like delicate features but his eyes were a little cold.

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He propped his chin with one hand and held a red apple in the other, staring at it in a daze.

The young woman walked straight to the counter and knocked on the table with her hand, seemingly trying to get Dekan's attention.

Dekan frowned slightly and raised his head.

Soon, his eyes were attracted by the young woman’s clear gem-like blue eyes and cherry-like soft lips.

He couldn’t help himself from staring at her face for a brief moment.

Very well, I’ll forgive you from bothering me while I’m pondering about life.

Dekan sat up straight and asked with a business smile: "Are you looking to buy something?"

Theresia hesitated for a moment before checking around the little shop twice. She then looked at Dekan: "Are you the owner of this convenience store?"

"I just help look after it."

"Then, was this card sold by your store?"

Theresia took out a magic card and placed it in front of Dekan.

It was a tier 1 goblin summoning card.

As the easiest summoning card to make, it was generally very cheap.

Due to their extremely weak attributes and effects, very few people would bother to use a deck of goblins.

Dekan recognized the magic card at a glance. Sure enough, he was the one who made it.

The goblin on the card was wearing an extraordinary attire.

It was wearing a black mask and holding a strange weapon similar to a firearm.

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