Chapter 4 - Dekan’s Marvelous Confidence
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 4 - Dekan’s Marvelous Confidence

“We’re almost at the campus. Do you want me to show you around?” asked Theresia.

“Of course!”

Dekan was filled with expectations toward his future campus life.

Early in the morning, their horse carriage arrived at the campus.

The Hevenlit Magic Academy was located near the borders of the capital. It was enormous like a small town. It seemed somewhat lacking to call it a ‘campus.’



Theresia discovered that Dekan would often spurt out strange words.

“It’s Japanese, an ancient language,” said Dekan.

Dekan and Theresia arrived at the north entrance. After Theresia showed her student ID card, Dekan followed her into the campus. He began to look all around. Sure enough, the campus was enormous.

A giant pond. Fountains and flowerbeds extend from the entrance all the way into the school buildings.

Dekan nodded his head repeatedly. He was very pleased.

Even before his arrival at the campus, he had already sent off all his luggage from the carriage to a nearby inn for storage.

He did not bring with him a lot of clothes or daily necessities. Most of his luggage were his tools for card making.

One must travel on foot upon entering the campus. Dekan encountered a countless amount of interesting, appealing and imposing buildings.

“This district and these buildings here are all part of the College of Alchemy. Your entrance exam will be conducted in this main building here.”

Theresia pointed to an enormous yet strangely designed building.

The Hevenlit Magic Academy was split into four different colleges.

These four colleges were respectively the College of Summoning, Mage College, Knight College and the College of Alchemy.

The former three corresponded to three commonly seen battle styles.

Of course, there were talented people who would create their own unique path.

As for the College of Alchemy, it embodied medicine making, magic card making and various other manufacturing studies.

“With your skills, it should be extremely easy for you to pass the test for the College of Alchemy!”

Theresia placed her hand on her waist. It seemed as if she was planning to raise her nose up toward the sky.

Even though she was not the person who will be taking the entrance exam, she was the person who brought Lil Dekan from the kingdom’s border.

She was extremely proud of her friend.

“Mmhmm. But, I plan to take the test for Knight College!” said Dekan proudly.

“Mmhmm, mmhmm, you will definitely be able… ehhh?!”

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