Chapter 5 - Dekan Capturing Attention
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 5 - Dekan Capturing Attention

On the day of the entrance examination.

The people who passed the four colleges’ preliminary exam numbered over a thousand.

The preliminary exam was a very simple attribute test and a written test. Dekan’s attribute test wasn’t outstanding but he was still able to pass it without a hitch.

Of the people who passed the preliminary exam, roughly five hundred of them were here to take the Knight College’s entrance exam, the most of the four colleges.

It was common for martial artists to emerge among common folks. After all, a martial artist was a profession that relied on those pricey magic cards the least.

That being said, if one was to base things off the previous years, the Knight College’s acceptance rate for new applicants would be the lowest of the four colleges.

The reason for that was because the Knight College’s entrance exam was a live combat!


Hevenlit Magic Academy. Knight College. Main Building.

Dekan was sitting on a chair in the seventh floor examination venue and waiting for his turn.

There were several giant magic apparatuses placed in the center of the venue.

Light was being shined onto the magic apparatuses, causing them to reflect with blurry yet magnificent radiance.

Placed in a row, the giant magic apparatuses numbered tens of meters. They seemed to be composed of silver and magic crystals. While they looked very magnificent, they gave off a feeling of coldness.

They were one of the greatest masterpieces created by magic engineering in recent years -- an apparatus capable of creating an Artificial Shadow World!

The entrance exam will utilize the ‘Artificial Shadow World’ to give the examinees a live combat drill!

The majority of the examinees were anxious about the exam. There were also examinees whispering to each other. By contrast, Dekan was extremely calm.

He was holding his chin with a slight frown as he looked at the magic apparatuses.

“Hey, what are you looking at?”

Due to his handsome appearance, even though Dekan was wearing ordinary clothes, other people would still try to strike up a conversation with him.

“I’m thinking about how those things are made.”

“Haha, you should stop thinking about that. That’s not something that we, examinees, should be pondering now.”

Dekan nodded his head and stopped paying attention to that examinee.

Indeed, it was not something that a martial artist should worry about.

But, as Dekan was a scholar, he was extremely interested in it.

“Thump thump.”

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