Chapter 6 - Dekan Exposes His Fangs
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Dekan was about to fall asleep waiting when an examiner finally called him to enter the Shadow World.

Dekan undone the first button on his shirt, twisted his neck and loosened his shoulders before following the examiner to the Void Gate.

The moment he stepped into the Void Gate, what appeared before him was a pitch-black space. He was unable to see anything at all.

His surroundings became extremely quiet. He could even hear the sound of his own breathing.

All the other sounds seemed to have been blocked.

Soon, his surroundings brightened up. He found himself in a strange dimensional space like a space-time tunnel.

Words appeared before his eyes.

[Welcome to the Artificial Shadow World ‘Phantom Valley.’]

[The content of your exam will be ‘Battle Simulation.’ You will not suffer any danger to your life.]

[The terrain will be random. Sense of pain will be ¼ of reality.]

[If you are killed or end up losing your consciousness completely in the Phantom Valley, you will be teleported out of the Phantom Valley.]

[You are also able to choose to give up and leave the Shadow World.]

[The examiner is the ‘hunter’ and you are the ‘prey.’ The examiner’s strength will be limited to tier 4. They will also be given White Common tier 4 equipment cards.]

[Examiner and examinee will start 500 meters from each other.]

[If you are able to last for 10 minutes in the Phantom Valley, you pass the exam. At the end of the exam, you will be teleported out from the Shadow World and your score will be calculated.]

[The longer you last and the more damage you dealt to your examiner, the more bonus score you shall receive.]

[The time limit is 30 minutes. At the 30 minutes mark, the Shadow World will close.]

[The rules above are the same for all other examinees.]

[Your examiner is: Arnold Zerlett]

[Your exam will begin in 30 seconds. Please prepare yourself.]

After the final notification message, the surroundings started to transform.

Dekan felt that he had arrived at an all-new world!

This must be what it was like to enter t

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