Chapter 77.1: Thea, Do You Want to Be the Empress of Haines? (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 77.1: Thea, Do You Want to Be the Empress of Haines? (1)

The Empress's chamber.

It was noon and the Empress, Cassius, had just settled her affairs with the ministers. Right now, she was lying weakly on the bed, receiving treatment from Constance's spell.

Perhaps it was because the curse of the elven demigod was targeted at the divinity of Order...

As a non-organic demigod, Constance's spell had a miraculous effect on the Empress's curse.

Despite being cursed for ten years, the Empress's body functions were basically normal. In fact, there was nothing unusual about her appearance—that was all thanks to Constance.

This was also the true reason why Constance, a demigod with a different surname with the thinnest bloodline, could obtain the position of the Shield of the Empire and guard the capital for a long time.

The citizens of Haines thought that Constance was a secret weapon of Haines and possessed some unknown terrifying talent.

However, in reality, Constance was merely the Empress's personal doctor.

However, the helpless thing was that even with the full-powered treatment of Constance, the curse of the elves was still corroding the Empress's life and causing irreversible damage to her body daily.

Even as the strongest expert in the mortal realm beneath the Imperial Guards, she was so weak that she could only lie on the sickbed all day. She was almost exhausted just by moving to the meeting hall to meet the ministers daily.

Search for the original.

All those who knew understood.

The Empress did not have long to live.

However, the Empress was rather open-minded towards this.

"For the goddess, Haines is an instrument for her to carry out her authority on the land. As for you and me, we're merely components. It's only natural for components to break one day. As long as a suitable successor appears, everything will be fine."

The Empress was in a rather good mood today because after meeting Edaline yesterday, she was finally certain of something.

"Speaking of which, Thea, I heard from the Church that you left the capital

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