Chapter 76.2: Good Sister, Let Your Brother Give You a Hug! (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 76.2: Good Sister, Let Your Brother Give You a Hug! (2)

In a daze, the grand prince felt as though a cold knife was pressed against his throat.

He could not help but shudder as he looked at Edaline in surprise…

What's going on?

Did I say something wrong again?!

Edaline said indifferently, "I can help you ascend to the crystal throne, but you have to follow my arrangements."

"Fufu, I can't just listen to your arrangements completely. However... alright, if you have any suggestions, I'll be sure to consider them."

The grand prince wanted to put on a tougher front.

However, at the thought of his niece's apocalyptic combat strength… he gave up eventually.


Edaline decided to take the grand prince with her to meet Rayne.

The grand prince asked, "Meet Rayne? Together?"

Edaline replied, "Yes."

The grand prince smiled. "I see. You want to express your stance through this method to let that lad understand his situation, right?"

That was about it.

Although she wanted to kick Rayne off the throne...

It would be meaningless if Rayne was killed because of that.

Therefore, Edaline decided to let Rayne know openly that she was backing the grand prince right now.

Presently, apart from Histia, Edaline was the strongest existence in the territory of Haines.

If she announced that she was on Edgeworth's side, Rayne would probably back off.

She had also heard that Rayne had been very close to Hela recently.

However, that was useless. Even Thea, Hela and Lilia combined were not a match for Edaline.

The mere fact that Edaline was going to support the grand prince had already determined Rayne's defeat in this political game.

Therefore, please give up.

She would let her stupid brother grit his teeth and curse her for betraying him before living out the rest of his ordinary and boring life peacefully.

After that decision…

A teleportation gate had already opened in front of the grand prince.

Edaline said, "Let's go."

The grand prince was stunned. "What's with the rush?"

Edaline said, "We'll do it while Hela is still around. That way, she can be reminded to

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