Chapter 76.1: Good Sister, Let Your Brother Give You a Hug! (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 76.1: Good Sister, Let Your Brother Give You a Hug! (1)

Grand Prince Edgeworth hated himself for his stupidity!

Why did he not think of that girl, Edaline, earlier on?!

Compared to their seniors, the new generation of Imperial Guards not only had a purer bloodline and stronger strength, they also had a more unique mindset.

Who could have imagined?

Among the Imperial Guards, there were actually four people who did not fight for fame or seek benefits and believed in the goddess wholeheartedly to uphold the order of the mortal realm and carry out their duties diligently?!

It was absolutely ridiculous!

However, upon careful analysis, one would discover that the ratio was not outrageous.

After all, two of the four people mentioned above possessed divine blood with a purity of more than 90%—they were practically incarnates of Goddess Order.

It was normal for Histia and Edaline to not have any secular desires.

However, even for these immortals with 90% divine blood...

At the end of the day, there would still be personal traits and preferences.

For example, Edaline!

The grand prince did not know what this fella liked.

However, it was obvious that she hated Rayne Haines!

Actually, there were many people in the palace who could not understand.

Edaline and Rayne were siblings after all. Why was their relationship so terrible?

There was no need to discuss the sister. She had no respect for her elders and cursed her brother everyday. Whenever someone mentioned the issue of succession to the throne in front of her, she had a gaze that could practically kill.

As for Rayne, ever since his interest in a married woman's warmth was awakened one random day, he spent his days in the capital immersed in wine and NTR, having almost no interactions with his sister.


The grand prince could understand Edaline.

As a noble descendant of the Crystal Goddess, he knew very well why Edaline hated Rayne.

Rayne Haines was the prince of the Empire and Edaline's biological brother.

However, compared to his invincible younger sister, Rayne was pathetically weak!

Simply put, he was just an ordinary

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