Chapter 75.2: Rayney! How am I going to survive without you! Rayney! QAQ (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 75.2: Rayney! How am I going to survive without you! Rayney! QAQ (2)


Instantly, Olivia's eyes lit up.

That's right!

The six alluring contracts between Rayne and Olivia were not completed yet!

Rayne had not forgotten about Olivia!

On the contrary, he remembered it and was prepared to fulfill his promise to Olivia!

He cares about me!

Rayne's encouragement filled her heart with hope!

At that moment, the door to the Nether Realm that belonged to Olivia began to close.

In Rayne's eyes, Olivia's figure shrank continuously.

However, the sadness on Olivia's face was gone. She had already pulled herself together.

Olivia revealed a bright smile.

"Wait for me! Rayne! The contract between us is still valid and you're still my best collaborator! I'll leave the dragon eyes for you! You have to work hard and bed a few more demigods as well, alright?! Stay strong while I'm not around!"

The door to the Nether Realm in his left eye shrank further.

The smile on Olivia's face stiffened as well.

She looked at Rayne.

She looked at this best entertainment supplier she had encountered in this era.

She looked at Rayne exchanging glances with the crazy b*tch who had just beaten her up and the gradual deepening of their relationship...

Finally, Olivia could not hold it in any longer.

"Boohoo… Rayne, how am I going to live if I can't see you open more bottles of champagne... Boohoo... Rayne... Justice! Can you record and send me a copy of Rayne's nightly activities? Please! Boohoohoo…"

Finally, amidst the embarrassing cries of a defeated dog, the connection between Olivia and Rayne was completely severed.

The door to the Nether Realm closed.

Right now, in Rayne's heart, there was only a single goddess; a supreme existence whom he had to swear fealty to.

The great Blood Empress, Her Majesty Justice.

"Alright, my future chosen."

The Blood Empress revealed a kind smile that did not match her character.

"What prayers do you have for your goddess now?"

Capital of Haines, grand prince's residence.

Half a month ago, the grand prince left the borders and returned to the capital

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