Chapter 75.1: Rayney! How am I going to survive without you! Rayney! QAQ (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 75.1: Rayney! How am I going to survive without you! Rayney! QAQ (1)

Tearing through space, Hela activated teleportation magic and brought Rayne back to the capital.

On the day Rayne returned to the capital…

He encountered something fun.

After a month of bloody battles…

The fight between the two supreme existences of the Nether Realm, the Ancient Dragon Princess, Olivia, and the Blood Empress, Justice, finally came to an end before the aftershock of their battle destroyed the entire Nether Realm.

Two doors to the Nether Realm opened at the same time in front of Rayne.

One was Justice with a calm and pleased expression.

The other was Olivia who was covered in dirt and teary eyes.


The outcome was self-evident.

"Boohoo… Rayne, I've lost…"

The background behind Olivia was a dark void.

In the battle between the two supreme existences, a shocking spatial crack was torn out in the Nether Realm.

The natives hidden in the cracks of time and space could adapt to the environment of the Nether Realm.

Therefore, they took advantage of the situation and killed their way in.

As for the poor succubi and Gospel Blood Cavalry, they had no choice but to join forces to clean up the mess left behind by their masters' fight for a man, spending their days miserably defending against these invaders of the void.

The defeated Olivia complained to Rayne in tears.

"Justice is a lunatic! It was clearly an ordinary duel but towards the end, she released the Scar of the End! She wanted to drag the entire world down with her!"

Olivia felt aggrieved!

That b*tch, Justice, had no qualms about ethics!

However, Rayne was touched when he heard that.

The so-called Scar of the End was a product of the Blood Empress's complete release of her Era Swords.

The final day of the world would be frozen and siphoned into crystallization, literally creating a doomsday sword.

When the sword was completely released and returned to its original form, the mortal world would once again experience the recreated apocalyptic calamity that destroyed the world.

That was the strongest weapon in the Nether Realm.

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