Chapter 74: How Should I Save You, My Dear Brother?
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 74: How Should I Save You, My Dear Brother?

The capital of Haines, palace.

The Empress on the sickbed had just received treatment from Constance.

Right now, she was listening to the report of her daughter, the Imperial Guard, Edaline.

Edaline said, "There's a gap in the northern defense line of Leta. A large number of Black Catastrophes tried to break through the Blazing Sun Wall and I repelled them. Unfortunately, I searched the Desolate Tundra for a month later but could not find their lair. That way, it won't be long before they make a comeback."

The Empress said, "There's no need to force it. It's been thousands of years. Be it us, the elves or the mortal world, no one has discovered the origin of the Black Catastrophes. We just have to treat them as a natural disaster and interfere in time when they erupt."

The Empress sighed. "Now that Obadiah, who is guarding the northern front of Leta, has been killed, it will probably take some time for Leta to adjust the new defense structure. I'll have to trouble you guys during this period of time."

Edaline shrugged.

"There's no need to stand on courtesy."

The elves of Leta were filled with hostility towards the Haines Empire.

However, according to the edict of Goddess Order, the Haines Empire had the responsibility of maintaining order in the mortal world.

Even towards enemies who hated her, the Haines Empire was obligated to provide them with fair protection and support.

That was the case for Leta right now.

With the death of Obadiah, not only did the demigods of Letta have to guard against the invasion of quasigods from three directions, the Black Catastrophes of the tundras in the north had also become a huge problem for them.

Last month, Leta encountered an invasion of quasigods. At the same time, a large-scale Nether Realm corruption incident broke out internally.

Just as they were surrounded by enemies…

On the Desolate Tundra, another group of Black Catastrophes began a massive migration to the south.

The Haines Empire could not sit by idly and watch Leta be devoured by a tsunami of Black C

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