Chapter 73.2: Departure to the Homeland of Order (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 73.2: Departure to the Homeland of Order (2)

"It hurts! My soul… is about to split! So many memories! Why are there so many?! Why are there so many things in your mind?!"

"Wait, what memories are those?! I-Impossible! How could our world… be… ahhhhhh!"

Compared to the previous rituals…

The tragic cries of the testee today were particularly ear-piercing and painful!

It was heart-wrenching!

The monks closed their eyes helplessly… but wait?!

The monks suddenly realized.

That tragic cry did not sound like the voice of Rayne Haines!

Instead, it was extremely similar to... the lake giant?!

The monks hurriedly widened their eyes and stuck their heads out with all their might. In fact, they even activated visual enhancement spells and looked towards the middle of the lake!

Through the thick mist, they saw the mighty and wise lake giant clutching his head in a tragic manner, twisting like a maggot on the lake!

Lake giant: "Ahhhhhhhhhh! It hurts! Please stop! I'm begging you!"

What was going on?!

The person who was enduring the pain of his soul being torn apart and screaming was the lake giant?!

However, Rayne had a calm expression as he looked at the giant twitching in pain—it was as though he was the tester.

The monks were confused and their faces convulsed in shock.

The tragic cries of the lake giant still reverberated through the clear Lake of Remembrance.

A few minutes later…

The tragic cries stopped.

Finally, the cruel torture was over. The lake giant trembled and struggled to support his exhausted body as he crawled up from the lake…

As though he was broken, the eyes of the lake giant darted around wildly, unable to focus.

Eventually, after an unknown period of time…

The lake giant regained some rationality.

There was only endless fear in the way he looked at Rayne now.

The lake giant retreated cowardly. "Y-You…"

Rayne revealed a kind smile.

"You've read my memories, but you haven't gone mad. Well done. Now, you can obtain my reward—Respite, I can answer three of your questions."

The lake giant's voice trembled and his gaze was timid.

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