Chapter 73.1: Departure to the Homeland of Order (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 73.1: Departure to the Homeland of Order (1)

Rayne and Hela spent an eventful month in the monastery.

Finally, the monks of Remembrance Pure Land sent Rayne a piece of good news.

"Your Highness Rayne, you have completed the first test of Remembrance Pure Land. In the past month of cultivation, you have perfectly maintained the purity of your heart. Now, your soul has returned to peace and the degeneration and decay have left you. You have passed the sacred test of the lake. We will now allow you to pay your respects to the divine being of Remembrance Pure Land, the giant of the lake."


After using another golden item to pay as a ticket, Rayne finally had a chance to meet the giant of the lake.

The summoning ritual of the lake giant was held that night.

The monks brought Rayne to the lake beside the monastery.

In reality, the monastery and those monks were just a bunch of mortals who were disturbing the place for no reason.

The lake was the true Remembrance Pure Land.

Here, the monks began the sacred ritual of summoning the divine being in the lake.

Under the bright moon, almost everyone in the monastery was mobilized. In the quiet night, they chanted a sacred true name softly and set up a sacrificial altar.

They prepared sacrifices and used a spell to transmit their voices to the bottom of the lake.

This was their method of communicating with the divine being at the bottom of the Lake of Remembrance.

In theory, as the divine being of the Lake of Remembrance, the lake giant was not someone that anybody could meet just because they wanted to.

However, Rayne was an exception.

As the prince of the Haines Empire, he had a noble and prominent status; he must have visited Remembrance Pure Land because he obtained some information that tempted him.

Therefore, the monks tacitly agreed that this benefactor must have brought an Imperial Guard to Remembrance Pure Land for the sake of the lake giant.

The reason was simple.

The lake giant had an extremely alluring ability, possessing endless wisdom, knowledge of history and insight into the futu

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