Chapter 72: Little Secret in the Monastery
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 72: Little Secret in the Monastery

As a rift in space opened, Rayne and Hela arrived at a forest in the south of the mortal world.

This place was located in a dwarf kingdom. In the depths of this vast forest, there was a famous sacred ground.

It was a monastery built by the lake.

Even though it was located in a remote area, there were many travelers that made pilgrimages every year.

At the risk of being eaten by the fiend beasts in the forest, they came to visit.

All of this was because there was something extremely special about this monastery.

It was one of the few sacred grounds in the mortal world that would not be polluted by the Nether Realm corruption.

Its name was Remembrance Pure Land1.

The origin of Remembrance Pure Land's ability to resist the Nether Realm corruption came from the unique water quality around the Pure Land—the Lake of Remembrance.

This special spring water could negate the Nether Realm corruption value, causing fiends to require more time and energy if they wanted to corrupt this area.

In theory, if the fiends of the Nether Realm were bent on invading this place, there was a way.

However, the cost-performance ratio was extremely poor and unacceptable.

Therefore, it was not wrong to say that this was a sacred ground that would not be affected by the Nether Realm corruption.

It was precisely because the monastery had the characteristic of blocking the Nether Realm corruption that many pilgrims from the mortal world came due to its reputation.

They wanted to cleanse their minds and souls in the sacred ground and find their inner selves in a Pure Land that was not corroded by the Nether Realm.

The officials of the monastery were very open-minded about this as well. They expressed that they welcomed pilgrims from all over the world as long as money was paid.

Rayne did not have any boss to take down in Remembrance Pure Land.

He was only here to meet someone and take something.

After obtaining the mission item, he would be able to head to the epic battlefield that was truly lethal.

In fact, he might have to use

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