Chapter 71.2: Choose Me! I’m Both Good-Looking and Fun! (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 71.2: Choose Me! I’m Both Good-Looking and Fun! (2)

Although Olivia knew that she was the one who was here first...

In the face of cruel reality, she had to admit.

Her compatibility with Rayne was inferior to Justice.

Furthermore, her offer to Rayne was not as good as Justice's!

If this continued, she also knew that Rayne would definitely throw himself into the embrace of Justice and happily start his dominance of the world with the latter.

As for the agreement between Rayne and Olivia, it would naturally be voided.

Furthermore, Olivia could not make use of this as an excuse to go ham.

That was because Justice would definitely give a compensation that Olivia could not reject on behalf of Rayne.

Everything was so logical and irrefutable...


She did not want something like that to happen at all!!!


Rayne had just taken in an Imperial Guard as his dog!

Olivia was only satisfied once!

There were clearly… six more Imperial Guards after that! She did not even get the chance to enjoy those six happy meals yet!

Furthermore, it was not only the degeneracy of the Imperial Guards!

In the future, there would also be Leta's Moon Queen and a group of elven demigods. They were also supposed to display their most depraved, cheap and lustful appearances in front of Olivia!

She... She also wanted to see how Rayne Haines would kill an Original Sequence in bed!

At that moment…

There was only a burning jealousy in Olivia's heart!

The Ancient Dragon Princess's gaze turned incomparably dark.

There's absolutely no way I can let Justice snatch away my chosen!

Instantly, the twisted feelings in her heart turned into something even more scorching, impactful and shocking…

It was the breath of a dragon!

Behind the Dragon Princess, the gigantic shadow of a majestic dragon appeared!

The beautiful black dragon had flawless white scales on her chest. Her gigantic figure covered the skies and earth with a terrifying aura that seemed like it could crush the world!

The next moment…

The gigantic dragon roared into the skies and a scorching dragon breath surg

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