Chapter 71.1: Choose Me! I’m Both Good-Looking and Fun! (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 71.1: Choose Me! I’m Both Good-Looking and Fun! (1)

Right now, Olivia was facing an unprecedented crisis.

She was being poached.

Olivia examined her long life as a dragon and realized that… this was the first time she was faced with such a problem!

As the Ancient Dragon Princess, she led the complete ancient dragon race. Since they were all compatriots, there was naturally no way they could be poached away by others.

After Olivia advanced to become an evil god, there was no such thing as evil gods poaching or fiends jumping ship in the Nether Realm where she worked.

In broad terms, all the fiends that existed in the Nether Realm were derivatives of the evil gods.

They were already bound to their evil gods they belonged to when they were born.

A succubus would only be a succubus from birth to death.

If she performed better, at best, she would be promoted to become an apostle of the Nether Realm. At worst, she would be sent to be synthesized as fusion material to become an Abyssal Sacred Vow.

However, no matter what, there was no way she could switch races and turn into the Gospel Blood Cavalry so that she could defer to Justice and whatnot...

After all, fiends could not adapt to environments that were not their own and would gradually die just by being away from their territory.

As for the mortal followers that were targeted by the evil gods, they could freely leap left and right between the various faiths and that happened often.

However, that was a normal fluctuation in performance and Olivia had never cared.

At most, she would just find an opportunity to kill the traitors as a demonstration of her displeasure, but it was nothing overboard.


The situation today! Was entirely different!

The variable came from the person being poached.

He was the follower whom Olivia fancied the most and had the greatest potential—the prince of the Haines Empire!

Rayne Haines!

Olivia had never thought that Rayne Haines, who had brought her so much joy and would definitely continue doing so in the future...

Was currently flirting with Justice right in front

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