Chapter 70.2: I’ll Be Your Concubine, How About That? (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 70.2: I’ll Be Your Concubine, How About That? (2)

What was shocking was that the scenery of the Nether Realm that appeared before Rayne this time round was not the beautiful Succubus Garden that was filled with birds and flowers.

It was a bloody land made up of skulls!

On a rumbling river of blood, the Blood Empress was bathed in the blood of her enemies. The grisly red blood flowed across her snow-white and smooth skin, creating a scene with shocking contrast.

"The trajectory of Gold Village has shifted."

With her back facing Rayne, the Blood Empress washed away the mortal filth on her body and asked, "Seems like you're not intending to use that thing to deal with me?"

Rayne was shocked.

... Was this the blessing of the Blood Empress?

It turned out that the Blood Empress had opened up a permanent entrance to the Nether Realm in Rayne's eyes just like Olivia.

Not only that, through the door of the Nether Realm, the Blood Empress could observe Rayne 24 hours a day like Olivia.

That was also the reason why the Blood Empress knew that Rayne was the cause of the trajectory shift in Gold Village.

Rayne smiled. "Your Majesty…"

"Oh? You're actually quite polite to me."

The Blood Empress gave a fake smile. "Didn't you just summon a group of evil gods to stuff me back into the Nether Realm no matter what?"

Rayne explained with a bitter smile, "I was still your enemy at that time after all, Your Majesty. However, I did not expect you to bless your enemies so benevolently."

The Blood Empress chuckled. "There's no need for pleasantries. Given your understanding of the Nether Realm, you should understand our tempers."

That was for sure.

The gods of the Nether Realm were the main enemies in the later stages of his battle. In order to defeat these unsolvable tumors of chaos, Rayne had done a lot of research on these gods and naturally knew them very well.

Although Rayne schemed against the Blood Empress, she was not a goddess who bore grudges, let alone be petty enough to take revenge on a mortal.

All evil gods were people who loved entertainment and Justice wa

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