Chapter 77.2: Thea, Do You Want to Be the Empress of Haines? (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 77.2: Thea, Do You Want to Be the Empress of Haines? (2)

Constance shook her head gently and said in a serious manner, "Everything is under your control, Your Highness."

She was not lying.

The Empress heaved a sigh of relief. "Is that so? That's good. With Rayne taking over for me, I can feel at ease…"

However, at the mention of succession...

Suddenly, the Empress thought of something and her tone turned grim.

"Right, Thea… do you know? When Edaline returned yesterday, she and I almost quarreled because of Rayne again.

"I know that she doesn't want her brother to ascend to the crystal throne at all because the curse of the crystal throne will kill Rayne."

No one knew better than Empress Cassius about the disadvantages of becoming the Emperor of Haines.

What Edaline knew, she naturally knew as well.


Someone had to be the Emperor.

Someone had to maintain the stability of the mortal world in place of the goddess.

If someone had to shoulder this calling and curse...

Despite her helplessness and heartache, Rayne was the best choice for Cassius.

However, the current Rayne was not perfect as the Emperor of Haines.

If there was anything lacking about Rayne, it was that the current him did not know how to get along with the Imperial Guards.

However, this could not be rushed. The Empress had to nurture the relationship between him and the Imperial Guards slowly and build trust between them.

I hope...

I've got time to see this through.

The Empress sighed and looked at Constance beside her with a grim expression.

"Speaking of which… Thea."

"Your Majesty?"

"There's something I want to ask you."

"Your Majesty, please speak."

"Thea, do you want to be the Empress of Rayne?"


Constance's gaze quivered as she looked at the Empress in surprise.

"Your Majesty, please don't joke…"

"I'm not joking. I really want to entrust Rayne to you."

The Empress had a bitter smile on her face as she caressed Constance's cheek.

"After I die, Rayne will have no relatives. Apart from Edaline, you're the only one he can rely on."

Avoiding the Empress's gaze, Consta

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