Chapter 78: Brother, Did I Deserve It?
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 78: Brother, Did I Deserve It?

Rayne went to meet the Empress.

His conversation with the Empress did not exceed his expectations.

The Empress already knew that Rayne was involved in the death of Obadiah as well as his behavior in Gold Village.

In the end, the Empress decided to pretend that nothing had happened.

That was good.

In truth, Rayne was rather worried that she would suspect that he was involved with the evil gods and only managed to obtain his current achievements by borrowing their power. However, the Empress mentioned nothing about it the entire time—it was evident that she still trusted Rayne.

After the conversation was over, Rayne's mother, Empress Cassius, did something that she had done in his previous 999 reincarnations.

She pushed Constance to Rayne and expressed her desire for him to take her as his wife.

Towards that request…

In the past, Rayne had many ways to deal with it.

At times, he would shyly avoid the topic.

At times, he would agree on the spot.

At other times, he would tease Constance and make her propose to him instead...

However, no matter which option he chose, in the end, Rayne was always willing to be husband and wife once more with this only true love of his.

But now, the situation was different.

The path chosen by Rayne no longer allowed him to use the bargaining chip of marriage casually.

His wife had to be a powerful and valuable existence. Furthermore, the relationship with this existence must be stabilized through the contract of marriage.

There were a few such candidates in the mortal world.

Among them, one of the most outstanding candidates was Leta's Emerald Moon Queen, Alice.

With a count of his fingers, he realized that it had been a while since the Great Teacher of White Light obtained the purified quasigod skeleton.

He did not know when Leta's ascension ritual for the Moon Queen would begin.

On the way home, Rayne encountered Hela and the puppets.

They were here to bid farewell to Rayne.

Hela said regrettably, "Your Highness, I'm about to leave. We might not be able to meet ag

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