Chapter 79: Edaline's Troubles and Analysis of Constance's Character
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 79: Edaline's Troubles and Analysis of Constance's Character

The second day after his confrontation with Rayne...

The grand prince asked out Edaline once more.

Previously, Edaline forgot her stance because of Rayne's sugar-coated bomb. However, the grand prince hoped that she would not make the same mistake again.

Similar to the previous time, the grand prince merely shouted out Edaline's name before a dimensional rift appeared behind him.

Edaline appeared from the crack.

Today, she…

Looked a little listless.

The grand prince asked, "What's wrong, Edaline?"

Edaline said coldly, "It has nothing to do with you."

In reality, Edaline was feeling troubled right now.

However, it was clear that she would not share those thoughts with the humanoid trash before her.

Yesterday, Edaline heard the conversation between his mother and Constance.

There was a tight barrier around the Emperor's chamber that could theoretically block the senses of the Imperial Guards.

However, such crude barriers were truly of limited effect to the strongest demigods in the mortal world.

Due to Rayne's outstanding performance, Cassius was now even more determined to pass the throne to Rayne.

She knew very well what would happen if Rayne ascended the throne.

Even so, not only did she want to pass the throne to Rayne, she had even begun to prepare for his future...

She intended to marry Constance to Rayne.

At the thought of that, Edaline felt extremely uncomfortable.

Thea Constance… that woman. Ever since she arrived in the capital, Rayne had changed.

She was clearly not outstanding in any aspect, but she stole Rayne's heart with ease.

Thereafter, she abandoned him ruthlessly.

If not for her, Rayne would not have fallen to such a state!

She was clearly the one who hurt Rayne, but she acted as though she was the heroine of a bitter love drama, crying secretly in a deserted church while looking at the necklace given to her by Rayne… how annoying!

However… ugh.

Edaline sneered internally, seemingly mocking herself.

She hated Constance and did not wish fo

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