Chapter 58.1: The Perfect Scheme of the Goblin CEO (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 58.1: The Perfect Scheme of the Goblin CEO (1) (Teaser)

Gold Village.

The goblin paced back and forth in the office excitedly.

In the narrow space, White Vulture closed her eyes to rest and monitored Gold Village with her perception. Occasionally, she would glance at her employer before looking away in boredom.

Her goblin employer had been maintaining this state for an entire day.

All of this was naturally because of the death of the ancient dragon, Obadiah.

There was a tacit secret in Gold Village.

From the moment the goblins borrowed the first loan from the mortal kingdom in the name of Gold Village, the dominance of Gold Village no longer belonged to the dwarves.

With the advantage of having no bottom line and intelligence, the goblins made use of the massive amount of capital stored in Gold Village to leverage a huge amount of wealth from the mortal world.

Hidden behind the kings of the dwarves, they turned Gold Village into their money-making machine and made a shocking fortune.

The goblins who had already taken control of Gold Village gradually became even