Chapter 58.2: The Perfect Scheme of the Goblin CEO (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 58.2: The Perfect Scheme of the Goblin CEO (2) (Teaser)

Lock down Gold Village and kill everyone who tried to leave.

It was a cruel act.

However, it was extremely necessary.

The only way the goblins could proceed with their next move was to seal off Gold Village and restrict the flow of information to the outside world so that the dwarf kings would not receive any news.

Otherwise, if any dwarf king arrived with his army, the goblins' plans would be completely ruined.

Next was to think of a way to negotiate with Hela and obtain the sacred weapon.

However, at that moment, the goblin received shocking news.

Another staff member pushed the door open and entered.

It was a goblin employee. He said in shock, "Boss, there's a customer!"

The goblin waved it off. "You guys deal with it yourselves. I'm busy."

Employee: "But boss, the customer this time round is a big shot!"

The goblin asked in disdain, "Huh? What big shot?"

No matter what sort of a big shot they were, could they be more important than a treasure that can unlock the sacred ground of Gold Village?!