Chapter 59: Miss Hela Who Sleeps Next Door
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 59: Miss Hela Who Sleeps Next Door

After the head of the goblin CEO exploded like a watermelon…

The entire place fell into a dead silence.

Everyone wiped away the blood on their faces with trembling hands.


Nobody expected that.

The Prince of Haines, Rayne Haines, was crazy enough to crush the leader of Gold Village's head the moment he met the latter!

What was going on in the prince's mind?!

Looking at the corpse on the ground, the dwarves and goblins were secretly alarmed and terrified.

Of course, although everyone was afraid, no one felt sad for the death of the goblin CEO.

The Prince of Haines had indeed killed the person in charge of Gold Village by mistake.

However, due to the shockingly powerful faction that the Haines Empire was...

Everyone merely lowered their heads obediently and no one dared to say anything to this domineering and cold-blooded prince.

Now, here came the problem...

Right now, the prince was making a demand.

So, who exactly was the person in charge of Gold Village?

In the repressive dead silence, a few goblins' eyes lit up!

That was because they saw an opportunity!

Now that the person in charge was dead, if any of the higher-ups that were second only to him could turn the tides and resolve the problem, a new ruler of Gold Village would be born!

Furthermore, they would obtain the endorsement of the Prince of Haines!


Under the temptation of power, a goblin in a top hat, suit and monocle walked to Rayne with his huge belly.

He said the perfect sentence that he came up with in a moment of desperation.

"Your Highness Rayne, in fact, you don't know. The person in charge of Gold Village…"



Another goblin's head exploded tragically!

"You're still using goblins to tease me?"

Rayne's expression was dark as he grit his teeth in anger. "Let me tell you guys, there's a limit to my patience!"

Everyone fell into a dead silence once more.

The mysterious sound of water echoed through the dead air.

Someone was so scared that he peed his pants…

The goblins broke down internally.


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