Chapter 60.1: My Relationship with His Highness Is Very Good… Really Very Good! (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 60.1: My Relationship with His Highness Is Very Good… Really Very Good! (1)

Tonight, Gold Village welcomed a complete revelry.

With the sudden death of their leader, the management of Gold Village fell into chaos and the employees at the grassroots level lost control completely.

In reality…

If the management was united and chose a new person as the leader, they would have merely lost three higher-ups and it would not affect the entire administrative structure.

However, in reality, in the face of the alluring throne, the goblins were dizzy from the temptation and started fighting wildly for power right away.

Therefore, they ignored the chaotic order, the rioting dwarf employees below and even the hostile Prince of Haines.

In Gold Village that was now out of control, the goblins had their final revelry.

Because Rayne did not sleep the entire night, in his spare time, he witnessed the entire process of the collapse of order in Gold Village with the help of the perception of the puppets.

After the night of chaos, a third of the high-level leaders formed by the goblins left due to various accidents while most of the dwarf miners left Gold Village.

After all, the Nether Realm corruption in Gold Village had already reached an extremely dangerous level and the dwarves had long been in a state of panic.

Now that there was no longer the suppression of the goblin upper echelons, the dwarves worked together and destroyed the gold vault of Gold Village.

After obtaining their unpaid wages and interest, they left Gold Village swiftly.

The Nether Realm corruption, intensifying power struggle and various repressed conflicts of Gold Village was completely triggered after Hela's triple executions!

In the blink of an eye, the once glorious sacred ground of the dwarves was reduced to a pile of steaming trash.

However, the goblin upper echelons were still embroiled in an endless fight to the death for the power that no longer existed.

On this night that was filled with plots, schemes, murders, madness and greed… all sorts of emotions intertwined.

Intense emotional sparks burst forth from everyon

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