Chapter 60.2: My Relationship with His Highness Is Very Good… Really Very Good! (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 60.2: My Relationship with His Highness Is Very Good… Really Very Good! (2)

Gold Village was a reliable employer.

However, the Fiend Sword Sisterhood was the strongest mercenary group in the mortal world with three demigods.

They did not have to worry about not being able to get a job.

Right now, the existence of someone in Golden Village tugged at the heartstrings of the entire Fiend Sword Sisterhood, causing all of them to be unwilling to leave Gold Village for a long time…

The prince of the Haines Empire, Rayne Haines.

This was the first time that the members of the Fiend Sword Sisterhood had witnessed the true appearance of this man with the most noble bloodline in the mortal world.

That face and those eyes were truly…

Even the sun and moon dimmed in comparison!

Among all the members of the Sisterhood stationed in Gold Village, the person who was most captivated by Rayne was their leader, White Vulture.

White Vulture had been in a stand-off with Rayne Haines before and witnessed the grandeur of this prince personally.

At the same time, through the powerful perception of a demigod, White Vulture obtained even more unforgettable images from the prince.

In any case, as a deformed race that could not reproduce normally and was cursed by the gods…

The Fiend Sword Sisterhood had never been restrained in their craving for life.

Wise men do not resort to insinuations.

All of them wanted to have the secret flower ceremony with Rayne Haines!

White Vulture ended the call with her two demigod sisters.

The final outcome of the discussion was for White Vulture to continue camping in Gold Village and wait and see.

As for the two demigod sisters, they would prepare themselves to provide support at any moment.

White Vulture walked out of her room.

Right now, she wanted to meet someone.

She arrived at the ground fortress of Gold Village. On a rooftop, White Vulture found her target.

The demigod Imperial Guard of the Haines Empire.

Hela Haines.

Hela looked different from usual today.

The turmoil in Gold Village had caused her to be unable to sleep the entire night. Right now, s

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