Chapter 61: Hela, Let's Pop Champagne Tonight!
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 61: Hela, Let's Pop Champagne Tonight! (Teaser)

Because White Vulture said something wrong, she was nearly killed by Hela.

After escaping from Hela's hands in a sorry state, she received information that satisfied her as well.

Actually, White Vulture was curious to begin with.

Didn't the Imperial Guards of Haines have a tradition of maintaining their chastity?

How did Hela end up together with the prince?

After testing the waters, White Vulture finally understood… what was going on.

She nearly died of laughter.

What a pitiful Imperial Guard!

The poor daughters of Order were restricted by the ironclad rules of their mother goddess. Even if they had fallen in love, they could not cross that line at all.

However, White Vulture did not believe in Order!

As a cursed race of their own, the Fiend Sword Sisterhood had no beliefs or gods. The secret flower ceremony that brought them a new life was everything to them.

White Vulture knew the secret of Rayne Haines. She knew that he was not at Gold Village for a mere visit or something as simple as a loan.

This man…

He ha