Chapter 57: Obadiah's Rebirth!
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 57: Obadiah's Rebirth! (Teaser)

Gold Siphon was extremely important for Rayne's strategy.

It was not only because Gold Siphon was a relic of Original Sequence and could be used as an exclusive weapon for Constance. The damage output was shocking.

Furthermore, it was a trigger item for many key plots.

For example, Gold Village that Rayne was headed to next.

Now that Rayne managed to get his hands on Gold Siphon in advance by skipping steps, it was perfect. Rayne could make a move before the situation worsened and complete a move that he had never succeeded before!

Gold Village was extremely important to Rayne.

For this operation, Rayne was still traveling with Hela.

Although Hela had already expressed her loyalty to Rayne, Rayne knew very well that his strategy for Hela was not complete.

He had to let her fall even deeper into it such that she could not extricate herself... until she forgot about her sense of self and was willing to abandon the ironclad rules that were customized for the Imperial Guards, allowing her to present herself comple