Chapter 56: Hela's Loyalty
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 56: Hela's Loyalty

Rayne's scolding stunned Hela.

Hela was stupefied.

The eager anticipation in her heart was shattered instantly. Right now, she did not know how to face Rayne's accusation and stood on the spot helplessly…

Initially, Hela thought that she would be able to give Rayne a surprise and have him see her in a new light by helping him take down Lilia.

However, she did not expect that… she would attract Rayne's disgust instead.

Instantly, self-blame, panic, anxiety and all sorts of emotions that Hela had never experienced before surged into her mind.

She felt her head spin…

Hela asked weakly, "Your Highness, I… did something wrong?"

Rayne nodded solemnly.

"I just received news from Olivia that Gold Village has sent troops to the Desolate Tundra of Leta to investigate."

"They're investigating the dragon lair of Obadiah! They already know about Obadiah's death! Your Excellency Hela, did Gold Village eavesdrop on you when you were communicating with Lilia?!"

Rayne's tone was extremely stern and there was anger in his voice that he tried his best to contain.

This made Hela even more flustered, but she could not understand Rayne's words at all.

Hela's tone was even weaker. "But Your Highness, I don't understand. What has this got to do with us…"

"It's important!"

Rayne said coldly, "Your Excellency Hela, do you know what Gold Village is? That is the sacred ground of the gold dwarves. After the gold dwarves went extinct, it was guarded by the kings of the dwarves. There's a reason why the dwarves guarded the place for a thousand years. Do you know what's the key to unlocking Gold Village?"

Rayne: "It's New One-handed Sword 01!"

As for New One-handed Sword 01, it was a sacred item that Obadiah had been guarding!

When Hela told Lilia that she had the ribs of Obadiah, the dwarves of Gold Village had already deduced that the relic of Original Sequence, New One-handed Sword 01, was already passed to someone else.

The ancient dragon, Obadiah, could not be attacked because of his immortality.

However, there was hope when it came to dealing with the demigods of Haines—no matter what, at least the demigods of Haines could be killed!

Rayne could have kept a low profile.

But now, he had to be exposed to the greedy gazes of Gold Village and could not rest in peace.

Hela finally knew how much trouble she had caused for Rayne!

"Your Highness, I—I…"

Hela wanted to explain but did not know what to say.

She wanted to apologize, but she did not know how to. That was because she was surprised to discover that in more than 20 years of her life… she had not even said a serious 'sorry' once!

This was the first time she had a man she valued.

However, not only did she fail to gain his recognition, she even angered him because of her stupidity!

Rayne: "Your Excellency Hela."

Hela stammered, "Your Highness, I'm sorry… I…"

Rayne hugged Hela with a pained expression.

"…Hela, I'm very worried about you!"


At that moment, the world in Hela's eyes se

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