Chapter 55: The Pick Up Artist
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 55: The Pick Up Artist

Rayne and the puppets were enjoying a short vacation on the sunny beach.

During this period of time, Rayne got along very well with the puppets and this did not even require acting skills.

After all, compared to their creator, the puppets had always been pure, cute and could differentiate between right and wrong.

Even in the past, Rayne did not hate them.

However, three days had passed since the joyful seaside party. Rayne felt that this rewarding vacation should end here.

He would return to the capital tomorrow.

At that moment, Rayne thought of something.

"Speaking of which, how's Hela doing?"

"Hela… has just brought Lilia back to the capital,"

Histia, who was focused on her meal, raised her head and wiped her mouth. "I think she gave Lilia many ancient dragon ingredients in order to poach her from the grand prince."

Since the puppets were Hela's creations, they naturally had their own methods of observing her actions.

Rayne was shocked when he heard that. "Really?!"

Histia Hela nodded. "For real."

In other words… Hela, who was in the capital, guessed that the Imperial Guard, Lilia, who was stationed at the same place as the grand prince, might have been bribed by the latter.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

She actually took out the treasures in her collection and bribed Lilia so that she could leave the grand prince's service and weaken the latter's strength!

If the grand prince became weaker, who would benefit? It was naturally Rayne!

In reality, asking the puppets to return home was a small test from Rayne for Hela. But now, the outcome of this test surprised Rayne.

At that moment, Rayne was touched.

A full 10,000 years…

This was the first time Rayne had seen this group of Imperial Guards spending their own money to work for him!

In the past, even when Rayne had the best relationship with the Imperial Guards, both parties merely had a purely transactional relationship.

Invasion was not part of the Imperial Guards' duties to begin with. Hence, Rayne could only offer high prices continuously for the Imperial Guards to work for him under the control of benefits.

Once the Imperial Guards received a satisfactory reward, they would serve Rayne.

However, if Rayne could not satisfy their appetite one day or if the Goddess of Order gave them an edict…

Rayne would be stabbed in the back at any moment.

But now, before receiving Rayne's orders or rewards, Hela took the initiative to work overtime and settle down Lilia who was by the grand prince's side…

Similarly, political struggles were not the job of the Imperial Guards!

This was way too much of a surprise…

It seemed like Rayne had finally selected the right strategy to deal with the Imperial Guards!

However, the time Hela contacted Lilia was a little strange.

According to Histia, when Hela contacted Lilia, the latter was following the grand prince to participate in a negotiation with the Gold Village dwarves.

That was a noteworthy deta

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