Chapter 54.2: Fiend Sword Sisterhood (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 54.2: Fiend Sword Sisterhood (2)

Goblin: "Let me explain things to you briefly, Miss White Vulture. What we want is not Obadiah, but a weapon that Obadiah is guarding. That is very important to Gold Village. Right now, it should be in Hela Haines's hands."

White Vulture: "So, you guys intend for me to snatch that thing for you guys?"

The goblin said, "That's the worst case scenario, but it's indeed possible. What do you think?"


White Vulture pondered for a moment. "You'll have to pay more."

Goblin: "Ten times more!"


White Vulture frowned, seemingly displeased.


This goblin wanted her to mess with a royal Imperial Guard!

Provoking the Haines Empire… was definitely not a wise move.

In the worst case scenario, the entire Fiend Sword Sisterhood would suffer a fatal blow and go extinct like the mages who cursed the Empress back then—no one would be spared!

Of course…

Given Gold Village's usual style, White Vulture believed that they would definitely handle the matter flawlessly.

She did not have to worry about a complete face-off against the Haines Empire.

Even so, this matter was still very difficult to resolve…

Sensing White Vulture's hesitation, the goblin said hurriedly, "What other conditions do you have? Feel free to state them."

White Vulture nodded.

She truly had a request.

White Vulture's gaze landed on the grand prince.

"It's regarding the grand prince of Haines..."

The grand prince asked, "What are you trying to say?"

White Vulture looked at the goblin and revealed an expectant smile.

"His Highness possesses a pure Order bloodline. Coincidentally, the bloodline of the Crystal God in our sisterhood has been decreasing continuously in recent years and has not been replenished. I wonder if the grand prince can take part in our secret flower ceremony?"

Secret flower ceremony?

Wasn't that the infamous ascension ritual of the Fiend Sword Sisterhood?!

The grand prince said coldly, "Be your sacrifice? I'm the grand prince of Haines and the future Emperor. What makes you think that I'll agree to it?"


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