Chapter 54.1: Fiend Sword Sisterhood (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 54.1: Fiend Sword Sisterhood (1)

Space was torn apart before healing slowly.

Just like that…

Lilia Haines, the loyal guard of the grand prince, left in a carefree manner!

The grand prince was about to go crazy.

As for the goblin, he tried his best to hold back his laughter. After a moment, his expression finally relaxed.

"Your Highness, let's end our conversation here."

After the goblin enjoyed the exciting performance of the grand prince of the Haines Empire, he smiled at the air behind him.

"Miss White Vulture, please send our guest off."


A pleasant female voice sounded.

Immediately after, another dimensional rift appeared in the stone chamber.

A fully armed half-blooded demigod with a graceful figure walked out of the dimensional rift.

This was a strange demigod.

Her bloodline was visibly complicated.

The sharp ears of an elf, the vertical pupils of a dragon and a fluffy and soft cat tail…

It was even more so for the divinity in her body.

The beautiful half-blooded demigod possessed the bloodline of almost all the goddesses in the mortal world.

As for her peerless body, it contained the most beautiful side of the goddesses.

What appeared before the grand prince was a dazzling fusion of divinity.

The grand prince guessed her identity instantly.

"Fiend Sword Sisterhood?"


The half-blooded demigod introduced himself with an elegant smile, "I'm the 105th leader of the Fiend Sword Sisterhood. My nickname is White Vulture. Greetings, Your Highness, the grand prince of Haines."

It was no wonder...

It turned out that the goblins of Gold Village had planned this in advance.

For this negotiation, they had prepared a demigod as well!

The goblin noticed the grand prince's shock.

He could not help but want to laugh.

What was the grand prince surprised about?

Didn't he know beforehand that Gold Village had a good cooperative relationship with many other demigod mercenary groups in the mortal world?

If Gold Village did not even have a demigod lackey, how would they dare to collect high interest loans from all ove

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