Chapter 53.2: Dirty Deal Between the Imperial Guards (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 53.2: Dirty Deal Between the Imperial Guards (2)

The grand prince was alarmed. "What do you mean by that?!"

The goblin spread his hands with a bitter smile. "Literally, Your Highness. It's said that Prince Rayne is a playboy and slow-witted. Therefore, if what you said is true, we're guessing that he must have received instructions from someone behind the scenes… In that case, it's obvious that the IOU is a warning to both you and us!"

The goblin continued, "Your Highness, please stop. This is for the best for all of us. Of course, we will use our own methods to retrieve your loan so far."

"Stop? Impossible!"

Gritting his teeth, the grand prince said, "I came to look for you guys so that you can resolve the problem. Yet, you guys want to quit on me?!"

The goblin said, "Your Highness, we're merchants, not gamblers. We can't find out who is behind Prince Rayne. If it's a noble or minister, we might be able to deal with him. However, what if it's the Empress? Or perhaps, even more terrifying… what if it was Miss Histia who is trying to cleanse the politics in Haines? What can you do then?"

The Empress and Histia…

At the mention of those two names, the anger on the grand prince's face dissipated slightly…

The grand prince asked, "Lilia, do you think Histia is involved in this matter?"

"No, I'm very sure."

Imperial Guard Lilia smiled. "Sister Histia is not a gentle person. If Histia was investigating this matter, you would have been torn into pieces by Sister Histia based on the accusation of you intentionally losing the battle and giving the Caines Islands to the dwarves."

The haze on the grand prince's face intensified as he forced a smile.

"You heard that, right?"

"Yes, I heard it very clearly…" The goblin seemed to be in deep thought.

He activated his magic tool and communicated with the other higher-ups…

Finally, after some consideration, the goblins arrived at their final answer.

"I've still decided to maintain my original plan, Your Highness. Gold Village won't give you any more funding."

"You cowardly beast! Don't force me!"

The grand prince wa

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