Chapter 53.1: Dirty Deal Between the Imperial Guards (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 53.1: Dirty Deal Between the Imperial Guards (1)

"Your Highness Edgeworth, should we set off now?"

"…Alright, let's go."

In the grand prince's residence, the Imperial Guard, Lilia Haines, opened up a teleportation gate for the grand prince.

The grand prince's expression was extremely grim as he stepped into the torn space nervously.

Right now, he was going to participate in a negotiation.

A negotiation that would change his fate.

It was time to go...

He was going to have a good talk with those dwarves.

Everything before him disappeared into emptiness and chaos. Under Lilia's lead, the grand prince passed through the strange dimensional rift and arrived at a sealed stone chamber.

"Welcome to Gold Village."

The Gold Village representative who received the grand prince had been waiting here for a long time.

However, the grand prince was stunned the moment he was teleported out.

The grand prince looked at everything in shock.

"Are you surprised?"

The Gold Village representative rubbed his hands and smiled.

"Is this your first time visiting the headquarters of Gold Village, Your Highness? Gold Village is the legendary sacred place of the dwarves. Although it is indeed located here, it is said that our houses and structures are made of gold. Those are merely rumors."

"No… I'm not surprised about your houses…"

The grand prince's mouth cramped as he pointed at the representative and hollered, "You're the one I'm surprised at!"

The Gold Village representative receiving an esteemed guest such as himself was not a high-ranking official of the dwarves.

It was!

A bloody!


"Ah, that's what you're talking about. Indeed, the image that Gold Village gives to the outside world is that it's a financial organization made up of gold dwarves."

The goblin explained calmly with a smile, "Of course, that's indeed the case. However, our beloved dwarf shareholders will also recruit some smart goblins to help them run their businesses."

The smile of the goblin was extremely amicable.

"Although you may not believe it, I'm also a staff with some status in Gold Village. I've also been u

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