Chapter 50.2: Mithril Skull (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 50.2: Mithril Skull (2)

This skull belonged to an elven god.

In the ancient era, after the final battle between the elven gods and Order…

Almost all the elven gods were killed by Order in that battle and transformed into quasigods.

However, one of the gods was an exception.

It was the only Main God of the elves right now who supported them against the invasion of the quasigods; a supreme guardian of the Leta Empire for a thousand years.

Within the elves, demigod elves with the bloodline of other powerful gods could become White Light Teachers in the White Light Courtyard and their status was equivalent to the Imperial Guards of the Haines royal family.

However, only elves with the bloodline of Compassion could rule Leta and become her Moon Queen upon completion of the ascension ritual once their bloodlines were strong enough.

Mithril Moon, Compassion.

The Moon Goddess had a noble status in the hearts of the elves. She was the only light that could illuminate the despair of the elves through endless suffering and torture.

However, what no one knew was her other identity.

Among the elven gods, she was the most detestable and only...


Together with Gold Siphon, this skull was the two most valuable items in the entire Obadiah's lair.

It was also a must-have mission item for Rayne later on.

What a pitiful goddess…

Raising the silver skull, Rayne looked at the two empty sockets and asked softly with a smile, "Are you prepared to reunite with your siblings who were harmed by you?"

The silver skull remained silent without any reaction.

After putting away the skull of Compassion, Rayne's trip to Leta was finally complete.


He returned to the side of Constance and Hela.

At that moment, the ancient dragon barrier had already dissipated.

Hela packed the treasures of Obadiah and threw them into the torn dimensional space. She did not let go of the massive ancient dragon corpse either.

Hela did not even leave a single drop of blood behind.

Although Rayne did not fancy Obadiah's inheritance, for Hela, it was a terrifying wealth that she had never seen before in her life…

If it was the past Hela, she would definitely be bawling her eyes out of pleasure at this moment.

But now, compared to treasures...

Hela's gaze had unknowingly landed on someone.

Not far away, Prince Rayne dug out a skull from a pile of carbonized corpses and smiled foolishly at it while muttering to himself.

Hela propped up her cheeks and could not help but smile.

…Look at this little fool.

…How cute.

Finally, Rayne was done chatting with the skull and walked towards Hela and Constance.

Hela chuckled and asked, "Your Highness, you got what you wanted?"

Rayne nodded. "Let's go back."

Hela agreed with a smile and activated the dimensional rift.

After this battle, Hela was completely bound to Rayne.

From now on, she would be a loyal Imperial Guard to the Empress and a staunch supporter of Rayne Haines.

At the thought of working with this special mortal prince in the

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