Chapter 51: The Shy Great Teacher
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 51: The Shy Great Teacher

Late at night, the desolate wilderness was silent.

A silver dragon was curled up and sleeping peacefully.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Alice leaned against the dragon and warmed herself in silence.

The weather was truly cold...

Because they were close to the Desolate Tundra, the temperature in the wilderness was particularly cold.

Right now, Alice was traveling with the Great Teacher of White Light.

However, earlier on, the Great Teacher suddenly sensed something. After instructing Alice to stay where she was, the Great Teacher turned into a pool of flowing mithril and fused with the soil, disappearing without a trace.

Now that Alice was guarding the fire alone, the quiet atmosphere caused her to fall into a reverie…

Not long ago, the Great Teacher had already told Alice about her calling.

Alice could not believe it.

The reason why the Great Teacher wanted to take her away was because the Great Teacher wanted her to head to Leta and inherit the position of the new Moon Queen.

That was... the Empress of Leta!

Once the ascension ritual was completed, Alice would become the supreme ruler of Leta. She would lead Leta to fight against the quasigods and other hostile civilizations. Protecting the citizens and revitalizing the country…

Regarding these things, although Alice was extremely surprised, she did not resist.

After all…

Alice knew very well that if not for the fact that the White Light Courtyard had no other choice, why would they let a prostitute be their Empress?

In that case, if she was the only qualified candidate left in the entire Leta…

Alice could only bear the responsibility.

However, there was something that made Alice extremely worried.

If I become the Empress of Leta… doesn't it mean that I'll have to fight Mr. Rayne the next time we meet?

At that moment, clear liquid mithril surged out of the mud.

The figure of the Great Teacher gathered in the flowing mithril.

The Great Teacher had returned.

She looked extremely exhausted and her already haggard face was even paler, as though she could die at any moment.

"Let me rest for a while first… if there's anything… we'll talk about it later…"

After saying that weakly, the Great Teacher staggered two more steps and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Thereafter, she did not wake up for an entire day and night.

Alice waited beside the Great Teacher anxiously.

However, the silver dragon that the Great Teacher rode on repeatedly expressed that it was not a problem.

[Don't worry, there's no way this woman could die in such a peaceful manner.]


On the evening of the second day, the Great Teacher woke up slowly.

She still looked terrible. However, she had barely recovered some stamina after an entire day of forced dormancy.

Alright, they were good to go.

"Great Teacher,"

At that moment, Alice asked curiously, "Where exactly did you go? Why are you so exhausted?"

"I went to the Desolate Tundra and encountered Rayne Haines and his Impe

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