Chapter 50.1: Mithril Skull (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 50.1: Mithril Skull (1)

After confirming that it was truly a gift from Rayne, Constance put away the golden sword with care.

"This sword is yours. However, remember to limit the number of times you use it. Don't use it unless necessary."

Constance nodded docilely. "I understand."

Rayne: "…"

Constance: "…"

Rayne: "Actually, you can ask me why."

Constance asked, "Why?"

Rayne replied, "That's because when the sword is activated, the resources consumed are not energy, but gold."

It was the same way that activating magic consumed mana.

When the golden sword was activated, it would automatically evaporate nearby gold.

At the side, Hela was stunned. "…Gold?"

So, this was the reason why the puppets told me that they could not find a single gold coin when they were counting the spoils of war…

In Obadiah's collection, rare treasures in elegant and powerful formats were the most important.

However, he had also hoarded some secular belongings like gold and gems.

While Hela was providing her thigh as a pillow for Rayne, the puppets were counting Obadiah's inheritance.

However, they realized that although the entire tower was resplendent, the gold products in Obadiah's treasure vault were zero.

Initially, Hela merely thought that this was merely Obadiah's preference for his collection.

But now…

It turned out that when Constance used the golden sword to kill the ancient dragon, the gold that existed in the vicinity of the battlefield had already evaporated as an energy source.

In the previous reincarnation cycles, no matter what name Constance gave the sword, Rayne only had a single title for it in his heart.

Gold Siphon.

It was cool to kill the ancient dragon, Obadiah, in a single strike, right?

However, if Constance knew that the golden sword had billed her a terrifying sum in order to kill the ancient dragon, even her non-existent balls would feel the pain...

In fact, it was not only the gold in the vicinity. Gold Siphon could even deduct all the gold in Constance's possession directly.

What was even more ridiculous was that i

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