Chapter 47.2: Great Teacher's Heartbeat (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 47.2: Great Teacher's Heartbeat (2)

The quasigod that was dormant in the body of the Great Teacher opened its chaotic and crazy eyes. Its majestic divine might was like a mountain that descended from the heavens, crashing down mercilessly and dominating the battlefield instantly.

However, the next moment, the silver-white crystals that expanded to the entire abyss converged into an area less than a hundred meters wide.

The divinity that spread was compressed into an infinitely powerful divine singularity, tearing the authority of the quasigod into pieces!

After the second and third rounds, an even more ferocious and spectacular fight between the gods began!

One side controlled the power of the quasigods while the other side possessed a 95% purity bloodline of a Main God.

The two existences that were extremely close to true gods used the authority and laws in their hands to fight continuously.

Rayne had to admit.

The Great Teacher, Elktela Lucia, was a respectable figure.

Back then, Leta was about to be destroyed under the attacks of the quasigods. As the last demigod of that era, the Great Teacher made the cruelest sacrifice.

She refined herself into a God Regulating Mechanism.

Thereafter, she devoured a quasigod and used it as a core to provide energy, obtaining extraordinary strength.

The price was that she had to endure the crazy backlash of the quasigod at all times. Even after her death, her soul could not rest in peace.

In her despair and torture, she led the final Elven Empire through the darkest years.

Although worthy of respect...

Such an enemy was even more worthy of fear.

"Why bother, Elktela Lucia?"

Rayne asked, "This ancient dragon is going to challenge Olivia. No matter what, it won't guard the defense line for you guys anymore. What's the point of saving him?"

The Great Teacher's voice was calm. "But hasn't his situation changed right now?"


Rayne was stunned.

That was indeed the case.

Obadiah, who failed his molting, had lost the rights to usurp the throne of Olivia.

As long as he survived, he could continue

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