Chapter 47.3: Great Teacher's Heartbeat (3)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 47.3: Great Teacher's Heartbeat (3)

The light of the magic power turned into a scorching sword beam that welcomed the sword of mithril in order to protect Rayne.


The two weapons collided in midair and locked onto one another.

The two powerful forces collided. Although it was clear that the Great Teacher was stronger, the weaker party refused to admit defeat and blocked the Great Teacher's attack!

The Great Teacher was stunned.

Someone had blocked her sword for Rayne Haines!

It was not Hela and her puppets.

Another new demigod had torn through space!

Thea Constance tried her best to defend against the slash of the Great Teacher and protected Rayne behind her.

Her appearance stunned the Great Teacher.

Am I dreaming?

The Great Teacher retracted her attacks and took two steps back.

She asked in surprise, "You used spatial teleportation to teleport into the ancient dragon's barrier directly?!"

The Great Teacher was puzzled.

"Just what sort of a monster are you… Why does it seem as though the ancient dragon's powers were completely useless against you?!"

Thea Constance could not understand her.


By the looks of it, this elf should be Leta's Great Teacher of White Light.

Did she just say that there was a barrier above their heads?

To be honest, Thea Constance could not sense the power of that thing at all.

It was as though…

It was just an ordinary spell cover.

She ignored the Great Teacher.

Thea Constance looked at Rayne.

After confirming that Rayne was not fatally injured, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Rayne was relieved as well.

"You're finally here."

Thea Constance nodded. "Your Highness, please inform me the next time you encounter danger."

She said, "I can only determine if you require assistance by monitoring your physical condition from afar. At times, it's not accurate."

Rayne shook his head with a bitter smile, indicating that it was not the case.

Not everyone could ignore the barrier of the ancient dragon and send and receive messages normally in two worlds like her!

Thea Constance asked again, "Your High

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