Chapter 48: Original Sequence
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 48: Original Sequence

The heart of the ancient dragon, Obadiah, was destroyed by the golden sword that he worshipped.

The outcome of this dispute was decided here.

The Great Teacher was bewitched by Rayne and became dazed. However, she regained her composure under the scolding of the quasigod in her body.

Her gaze turned cold once more.

Obadiah's body gradually evaporated in the golden flames…

Things were dangerous now.

She knew very well the terrible situation she was facing right now.

Thea Constance, a rare demigod with a different surname in the Haines Empire, obtained the sacred item of the ancient dragon race and possessed terrifying strength that was enough to kill Obadiah with a single slash.

With her entrance, the dim golden sword shone with a divine light that resembled a blazing sun.

The same way it purged away the crystals of Order, the mithril that contained the authority of the quasigods was suppressed in all aspects by the golden flames as well.

Now that she was by Rayne's side to protect him, Rayne could heal his injuries at any moment and ascend a puppet to join the battle. At that time, the Great Teacher would have to face two terrifying enemies that could kill an ancient dragon.

Furthermore, the most fatal thing was…

Obadiah was already dead.

However, the ancient dragon barrier he created did not dissipate immediately.

There were still a few more hours before this minor world returned to the mortal world.

During this period of time, the Great Teacher could not get the support of her sisters.

Against the encirclement of the sword wielding Constance and Histia, the Great Teacher was not confident that she could escape either.

Since that was the case…

The analysis was over.

The Great Teacher took a deep breath—she was clear about her ending.

The next person to die to the golden sword would probably be her.

The Great Teacher was prepared to fight. The quasigod in her body was also prepared to appear and fight the enemy to the death.

However, just as the Great Teacher was tense…

Rayne said something u

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