Chapter 47: Great Teacher's Heartbeat (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 47: Great Teacher's Heartbeat (1)

Nameless golden sword—[New One-handed Sword 01].

That was the supreme sacred item of the ancient dragon race.

Even though they were long different from their original existences, the ancient dragons still believed in those noble superior beings.

This golden sword was a great inheritance left behind by the ancestors of the ancient dragons.

It was given to them by the superiors and was proof of a contract with a supreme existence.

This was a divine power that should not be used even if Obadiah was killed.

But now, even after Obadiah convinced himself to use the golden sword, he failed to defeat his enemies.

In fact, the sacred sword was snatched away by the very same enemies.

At that moment…

The breakdown and madness of Obadiah was indescribable.

He had already lost his rationality and could only charge towards Rayne desperately in an attempt to retrieve the sacred item.

However, Obadiah was not a match for Histia even when he was rational.

Now, it was even more difficult for this mad dog to pose a threat to Rayne and the strongest demigod he had created.

Histia attacked once more.

The authority of Order was gradually compressed into a crystal sword that was aimed at the heart of the ancient dragon, Obadiah, prepared to end the battle.

As long as that sword struck…

The battle could end then.

The golden sword was obtained, the ancient dragon was about to be destroyed and treasures would be gained at the same time.

This was a perfect journey. However…

Rayne felt that something was amiss.

After a thousand reincarnations, countless experiences and knowledge became the latent instinct in his mind. With that, an extremely powerful sixth sense had already been tempered into Rayne.

Rayne felt that there was something he did not take into account…

The barrier of the ancient dragon, Obadiah, possessed the ability to separate the space of the dragon's lair from the mortal world and could sever the possibility of teleportation spells.


The ancient dragon barrier still had a final connection to the

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