Chapter 46: Divine Golden Relic of the Great Creator
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 46: Divine Golden Relic of the Great Creator

The moment Histia Haines descended on the battlefield…

The battle was already over.

Even the ancient dragon was insignificant against the strongest demigod.

Histia was a monster with 95% bloodline purity. Her existence was almost equivalent to a true god that walked through the mortal world.

The powerful barrier that Obadiah obtained by squeezing out the elemental ley lines of Leta was gone against the divine might of Order.

The entire battlefield—Obadiah, Hela and the puppet Edaline—looked at Histia in shock with a single question in their minds.

Who the f*ck are you?!

That's right!

Who the f*ck am I?!

Histia Hela was also sizing herself up. Crystallized blood vessels, voluptuous twin peaks that could not be supported with a single hand and a head of smooth golden hair...

Those were not the main points.

The main point was the endless power in her body and various divine might that she had never seen before…

All of that shocked the puppet Histia.

At that moment…

Obadiah was the first to react.

His gaze landed on Rayne.

"It's you?"

Obadiah keenly noticed the invisible connection between Rayne and Histia.

"I don't know what Olivia did to you to let you obtain this ability, but…"

Obadiah sneered. "As long as I kill you, everything will be easy, right?"

He raised his long tail that was filled with spikes. At this moment, the power of the ancient dragon appeared. Obadiah fused his sword technique into his body and a majestic sword beam shot out along with his tail!

Rayne had a calm expression.

Right then, Histia Hela realized that her body was moving involuntarily.

She raised her hand and condensed divine might, turning it into an energy carrier before slashing out instantly.

Instantly, dragon blood poured down like a storm.

The enraged shriek of the ancient dragon sounded above Histia's head.

A gigantic dragon tail smashed onto the ground and dragon blood splattered everywhere—the cut was smooth and clean.

"Obadiah, you still don't understand,"

Rayne said indifferently, "You don't understand

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