Chapter 45.3: Hela, Watch Carefully, This Is How Puppets Are Used (3)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 45.3: Hela, Watch Carefully, This Is How Puppets Are Used (3)

The moment the ancient dragon said that, Hela felt a ton of pressure land on her shoulders.

Her knees smashed heavily onto the lava-filled ground.

Hela knelt on the ground.

The armor that enveloped her creaked tragically as well!

Obadiah looked down at the three pathetic living beings.

A demigod and two divine derivatives.

With a single look from Obadiah, the two puppets knelt on the ground screaming like their mother.

By squeezing out the elemental ley lines of his neighbor, the Leta Empire, Obadiah's barrier was exceptionally strong.

And now, Obadiah placed all the pressure of the entire barrier on Hela and the puppets!

This was Obadiah's true strength.

Hela had no chance of defeating him at all.

If not for the fact that Obadiah was shedding his skin…

Hela would most likely be killed by Obadiah before she even had the chance to approach the abyss!

In order to defeat Hela, Obadiah was now forced to stop his ascension ritual and fight with his true form.

His losses and regrets...

Everything had to be made up for by the demigod's blood and tragic cries!

The barrier was still destroying Hela and the puppets with all its might.

The bodies of the puppets had already begun to collapse. The injuries they suffered previously began to expand under the immense pressure and ruptured further…

As for Hela, she was in even more pain.

She could clearly hear the sound of her beloved battle armor and bones cracking…

She was finally in despair…

Everything was irreversible.

The moment the ancient dragon barrier enveloped the abyss, the entire space was already cut off from the mortal world.

Teleportation magic was completely useless now.

In this small world with Obadiah as the core, it was almost impossible to even gather magic power to retaliate, let alone escape.

On the other side.

In the distance, Rayne had just dodged the attack of the rain of flames. Now, he was almost crushed into sludge by the aftershock of the barrier.

Rayne was merely a mortal with a theoretical noble bloodline.

Even if Obadiah was

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