Chapter 45.2: Hela, Watch Carefully, This Is How Puppets Are Used (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 45.2: Hela, Watch Carefully, This Is How Puppets Are Used (2)

The damaged armor on Hela's body evaporated.

Immediately after, a gooey substance engulfed Hela like a living being, turning into a menacing armor that stuck to her skin.

Instantly, Hela's aura turned extremely terrifying.

Without using any weapons, Hela assumed the horse stance and stabilized her lower body.

Black magic power was injected into her armor, causing her strength to increase exponentially and break through her limits continuously.

Finally, accompanied by an ear-piercing sonic boom, Hela threw an uppercut that struck Obadiah's crotch viciously!

It was way too coincidental!

Obadiah's height of three meters was perfect for Hela to deal the most violent damage at an extremely suitable angle!


At that moment, the terrifying power caused the ground beneath Hela's feet to crack and shatter! Cracks that extended for a few hundred meters appeared!

"Ow! Ow!!!"

As for Obadiah, his face turned pale and his body trembled.

The invincible ancient dragon let out a tragic cry!

The golden equipment used by this human demigod was top-tier. After secretly consuming countless strengthening buffs, she gathered all her strength and released her strongest attack.

It struck his crotch viciously!

The steely ancient dragon could not hold it in any longer.

His legs were squeezed tightly and he was sweating profusely. His face was contorted and he was in so much pain that he almost fainted on the spot.

A deep voice filled with resentment sounded from beneath the armor.

"What kind of a princess has balls?"

Obadiah's voice trembled. "You… f*cking… shameless demigod… how can you hit me there…!"

"You two brats!"

Hela said coldly, "Attack!"

The puppets replied, "Understood!"

The puppets tore through the void and took out new divine equipment. Instantly, the light of magic burst forth and shone, charging the magical weapons as two elegant ribbons of light closed in rapidly on Obadiah.

By the time the two puppets arrived before the ancient dragon, their magical weapons had finished charging.


There was another resplendent explosion!

The impassioned ensemble of the twin weapons that symbolized thunder and storm broke through the ancient dragon's defense and allowed it to be crushed by the thunder and storm!


Hela followed the footsteps of the two puppets skillfully. The moment Obadiah's defense was broken, the third combo began!

A golden spear landed in Hela's hands.

The spear melted and evaporated rapidly, turning into a burning shuttle-shaped energy body that was thrown out!

Obadiah roared, "You guys! Stop!"

However, the next moment, he was pierced by the burning spear!

Obadiah's upright body was lifted from the ground and he flew out against the thrust of the burning spear!

At the same time…

The two puppets had already arrived in the skies with smooth coordination and were prepared to kill.

As Obadiah flew through the air towards a location designated by Hela, a city-destroying forbidden curse was cast

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