Chapter 45.1: Hela, Watch Carefully, This Is How Puppets Are Used (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 45.1: Hela, Watch Carefully, This Is How Puppets Are Used (1)

The ancient dragon, Obadiah.

Because he was in a molting state, he could only fight in a humanoid form.

Without a doubt, ancient dragons were at their weakest when they were shedding their skins.

Of course.

This was also part of Rayne's plan.

Against Obadiah, Rayne would first remove his immortality before beating him up at the critical moment of his molting.

Rayne had already obtained the greatest advantage for Hela!

Now, it was up to Hela.

At that moment, Obadiah was already in combat mode.

The muscles of the muscular man who was three meters tall twitched and his body temperature rose continuously. His iron fists were heated to a bright red by his body temperature.

When Hela saw that, she took out her treasured collection of many years as well. Countless golden-grade items flew out. Colorful blessings were stacked layer upon layer, causing Hela's strength to increase continuously.

At that moment…

Obadiah suddenly opened his eyes. "Speaking of which, demigod, you seem to have a problem with my gender?"

Hela replied indifferently, "Of course not, Dragon Princ... cess."

Obadiah sneered.

"Demigod, listen well."

"The affairs of us dragons..."

"Are none of your business!"

Instantly, Obadiah closed in!

Following that was an apocalyptic punch!


The plain iron fist released a terrifying might that even the city-destroying forbidden curse could not match. Everything was compressed into a single point and aimed at Hela's weakest spot, her abdomen—it was a heavy punch!

Hela: "?!"

Before Hela could stack her buffs…

Obadiah, who had finished accumulating strength in advance, activated a sneak attack!

Accompanied by the surging air currents that exploded, Hela was sent flying instantly like a golf ball that was struck with precision.

Hela's figure shrank rapidly from Rayne's point of view until she could no longer be seen.

Hela was out!

Histia Hela: "???"

Edaline Hela: "???"

The two puppets who stood guard beside Rayne were dumbfounded when their mother was sent flying!

Hela was… killed just

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