Chapter 38.1: To Find Our Queen (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 38.1: To Find Our Queen (1)

On the Gobi Desert, Spring Breeze and First Love roared and sprinted all the way. Finally, a day later, they arrived at the destroyed orc tribe.

Indeed, it was the same as the report.

This place was destroyed instantly by some unknown terrifying power, leaving nothing behind.

After killing all the scavengers who rushed over because of the commotion, Spring Breeze and First Love continued on their way.

"Time to go, lads!"

The leader of the orcs was ecstatic. "Those weak pointy ears don't dare to provoke orcs at all. Let's see just who it is that wants to challenge us!"

The mobile city that was sprinting opened the portcullis on the side. Countless goblins rode on trash motorcycles made of scrap metal and rushed out of the mothership, scattering in all directions.

However, before long…

A scouting trash cart sent back a message.

"Boss! I see someone blocking our path ahead! It's a pointy ear! A female one!"


A series of maniacal laughter broke out from the bridge. "Ram her to death then!"

In front of Spring Wind and First Love, an elven mage girl looked calmly at the mobile city that was approaching from afar.

Thereafter, she looked down at the geomantic compass in her hands.

From that gigantic and distorted moving trash mountain, she had actually discovered... a reaction of divinity.

"Teacher, I've found a suspected intruder… I'll leave the rest to you."


The moment the mage girl said that, a faint cracking sound appeared above her head.

Cracks appeared in the invisible air.


Immediately after, an indescribably terrifying power shattered space and descended!

An elf woman with long silver hair walked out of the shattered space.

It was a peerless beauty with a tall figure and a cold demeanor. She exuded a noble aura like a god.

However, her complexion reeked of death.

When the orcs on Spring Wind and First Love caught sight of the silver-haired pointy ear who shattered the space, they went silent instantly.

Good news...?

They must have found the culprit who destroyed the orc tribe.

Bad news...?

They were about to be destroyed as well.

Next, the orcs witnessed the most spectacular scene in their lives.

The silver-haired elven demigod chanted an incantation softly. Immediately after, liquid mithril began to surge beneath her feet.

As the incantation was completed, the area covered by the liquid mithril expanded continuously.


The flowing mithril surged over like a tsunami! Instantly, the tiny mobile city was engulfed!

Spring Wind and First Love was destroyed by the mithril tsunami. As for the orcs on it, their throats were slit by the sharp blades formed by the mithril that seeped into the machine.

After a few earthshaking explosions, the roaring trash mountain stalled completely.

The silver-haired demigod watched everything expressionlessly.

Suddenly, her face twitched twice. She took out a handkerchief and covered her mouth, coughing for a long time until the entire handkerc

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