Chapter 38.2: To Find Our Queen (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 38.2: To Find Our Queen (2)

The mage girl sighed. "Unfortunately… the Starfy Compass can only react the moment a divine being enters Leta. Right now, we no longer know the identity of the intruder."

Even so, the mage girl frowned. "But no matter what, a group of orcs shouldn't possess divinity, right?"

"I'll leave the investigation to you,"

With that statement, the silver-haired demigod turned and walked to a withered tree, meditating to recover her stamina.

"I understand, teacher."

The mage girl nodded. Her teacher was a person of few words; although she did not explain her intentions directly, the mage girl could understand what her teacher meant.

There must be some unknown secret within this ugly orc machine.

A few hours later.

Spring Breeze and First Love was already torn into pieces.

Dozens of large puppets made of rocks were dismantling the machine in an orderly manner.

As more and more scrap metal was removed from the mobile city…

In the core region of the mobile city, the mage girl discovered a piece of mithril component that was welded layer by layer with scrap metal.

Before long, even more mithril components were discovered.

To the astonishment of the mage girl, the entire mobile city of the orcs seemed to have been obtained by modifying an unknown large elven machine!

On the mithril components, the mage girl caught sight of an ancient emblem.

For a moment, she was so shocked that she forgot to breathe.

"Teacher, teacher!!!"

The mage girl ran excitedly to the silver-haired demigod and handed the latter the emblem she had copied.

"Teacher, look! This is the emblem I found at the core of that mobile city! I-Isn't this the emblem of the Emerald Moon Queen?!"

The mage girl said excitedly, "The orcs modified machinery left behind by the Emerald Moon Dynasty into this warship!"


The silver-haired demigod took a deep breath and struggled to prop up her weak body as she walked towards the battered debris.

"Fia... let me ask you. Do you know what was the greatest invention in Leta during the era of the Emerald Moon Dynasty?"

The mage girl was incomparably excited.

Of course she knew!

The Emerald Moon Dynasty of Leta was an era where knowledge was the most respected and everyone yearned to learn.

Leta of that era advocated relying on their wisdom to defeat the quasigods. At the same time, they had indeed created the highest technological masterpiece of the elves.

The God Regulating Mechanism!

If the trash mountain created by the orcs truly contained a God Regulating Mechanism…

In other words…


With an explosion, the liquid mithril forcefully pried open the armor of the God Regulating Mechanism.

The silver-haired demigod said, "We found it..."

From the complicated mechanical components, the silver-haired demigod took out a silver skeleton that emitted a torrential divine might.

That was…

A section of a quasigod's spine.

"A skeleton of a purified quasigod! Furthermore, it's so complete! T-Teacher...!"

When the mage girl saw th

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