Chapter 39: Alice's Offering
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 39: Alice's Offering

In a luxury suite of Miss Alice.

After a night of passion, Alice laid on the wet velvet bed. She had a dazed expression and panted heavily. Her beautiful body was still convulsing from time to time from the aftershock of the intense exercise.

"Mr. Rayne... it seems to be... morning now..."

Although she was lying on the bed, Alice did not have a single moment of rest that night.

Theoretically, losing her virginity should have been something... extremely painful.

However, it was as though she had taken an additive that caused her brains to melt within the sweet nectar of joy.

In the blink of an eye, she caught sight of the morning sun rising outside the window and the night had passed...

Alice looked at the man beside the bed in a daze, her eyes filled with love and endless desire.

As someone who worked in the brothel, it was naturally normal for her to hear her fellow sisters conversing about their work experience.

According to the teachings of her senior, the loss of virginity was a painful experience.

It was even more so for prostitutes. These paying customers would not bother about cherishing women.

Initially, Alice was mentally prepared.

After all, Mr. Rayne had spent a lot of money. Naturally, she could not ask him to accommodate her in bed.

However, the truth was far beyond Alice's expectations…

Similar to the fiends under the command of the Dragon of Lust, Mr. Rayne used his superb technique to mold Alice's crevice with his shape.

Mr. Rayne... was indeed a sly man.

After experiencing such a crazy night, she would probably never have a climax because of another man in her life… even if saying that made her seem extremely cheap.

However, at that moment, she truly felt that… she had fallen in love with Mr. Rayne.

Unfortunately, it was daybreak and the wild love of the night dissipated like a bubble. She and Mr. Rayne had once again become two unrelated strangers.

"Good morning, Alice. It was hard on you last night." Rayne glanced at the gradually bright daylight outside the window.

He stretched and began to dres

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