Chapter 40: Popped Champagne
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 40: Popped Champagne


Hela was awakened by some unhealthy noises and opened her eyes. When she woke up, she saw a mysterious scene…

"… What are the three of you doing?"

Unknowingly, Hela's three puppets had run out of the dimensional rift.

At that moment, their faces were flushed and their hearts were racing. Their bodies were limp as they panted.

After admiring some overly exciting scenes, they were deeply shocked and were still reminiscing about everything that happened in a daze.

"His Highness Rayne… is amazing. How can he… be so powerful…"

Hela narrowed her eyes. "Hey!"

"Ah! Hela? You're awake?" The puppets were jolted awake and looked at Hela.

"If you're asking about breakfast, it has already been sent over and it's there. Is there anything else?"

Of course there was something else!

Hela asked, "Can you tell me why you guys are chattering like three female cats in heat?"

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At the mention of this topic, the puppets could not help but blush. They said excitedly, "Hela, don't you know?"

Hela was even more confused. "Know what?"

"His Highness Rayne was truly amazing last night!"

The puppets gestured excitedly. "We never knew that His Highness Rayne's techniques were so terrifying… did you know? U-Using only 10 seconds, he made a pure and proud descendant of the Moon Goddess, d-during her first night, she... sprayed like a bottle of champagne that was popped!"

Hela was a little stunned. "Is this what you guys discovered? You guys spent the entire night peeping at your future Emperor having sex?!"

The puppets said in unison, "That's right!"

They were extremely self-righteous.

After all, they possessed the powerful perception of the demigods. Even if the puppets wanted to disregard it, they could not ignore that alluring scene!

It was no exaggeration to say that after observing the epic battle between the two future rulers of Leta and Haines for the entire night... They were completely touched.

To think that Prince Rayne was not only beautiful, but also as strong as a celestial being in actual combat… that was a perfect artistic performance that transcended the crass taste of the soul!

The puppets drooled from the lust.

He was way too perverted! How could there be such a perverted man in the mortal world?!

Histia Hela clutched her chest affectionately and said enviously, "I really want to be a champagne popped by His Highness as well..."

The other two puppet sisters drooled in envy and nodded in agreement. "Indeedy, you're not wrong about that!"

Hela: "…"

She was speechless—she could no longer deal with these three perverts.

To think that her three naive fools had finally reached the age where they would be taken advantage of by ugly pigs outside.

This was a rare opportunity. After lamenting, the puppets looked at Hela with anticipation in their eyes.

There was only one thing they wanted Hela to agree to.

"Hela! Can you let us out and travel with His Highness Rayne?"

"Yes, yes! We want to deepen our relationship with His Highn

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